Vital Tips in Choosing the Best Resume Formats

Vital Tips in Choosing the Best Resume Formats- Employers don’t want to waste time in finding the right employee for their company. They certainly check your resume’s contents in assessing your skills and compatibility with their workforce. However, your resume format also plays an important role in ensuring a positive impression upon scanning your credentials.

Several employers only skim your resume at first pass before reading them in detail. With a good resume format, you’ll get through this first stage of impressing potential employees.Keep these tips in mind to guarantee you’ll use the best resume format that clears you off this stage to get to that coveted interview slot.

Get Your Information Ready
It is recommended to prepare all the information first before finding the right format. This makes the process of resume-making easier since all the information is already available prior to writing. Basic information includes work experience from position to projects handled, educational background, personal information, and other credentials. Place details in a scratch paper or notepad and set it aside as you go to the next step.

Discover the Right Resume Format to Use
Resume formats don’t only display your information, but also highlights several work-related elements that employers would like to know about you. Choose among the three available formats that promote benefit on your job application:

* Chronological resume – This type is regarded as the commonly used resume format among its types. As a chronological resume type, it highlights your work experience according to year order with your most recent job listed first. This format is ideal for individuals wishing to present their work stability or ability to maintain a job for a long time. Most people considering working in similar jobs as their current or previous ones will also find this resume type useful. Several employers also prefer chronological resume since they want employees who will stick with them for a long time.

* Functional resume – Functional resumes highlight your skills rather than long-term work experience. People who worked in various jobs, fresh graduates, and those who stopped working for some time will find this format suitable for their needs. It is “marketing” your skills and ability to adapt in different work settings or job types. Although it’s advantageous, it also has its downside, as many employers would find it more challenging to fully assess your work skills.

* Combination format – This format will work to your advantage if you had steady work background in various fields while highlighting the fact of acquiring a diverse skill set through your previous jobs. The good thing about this type is showcasing your skills without covering up your work experience, which some employers may find impressive due to its straightforwardness.

Place Information on These Formats and Compare Test each format type by placing your collected details on it. It may time-consuming, but this will give you an idea whether your resume looks appealing or not. Compare each one and opt for the one that promotes your positive traits clearly and concisely. Finding the right resume format is easy. Follow these tips to guarantee you’ll make specific formats work for you to increase your chances of getting an interview.


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